Which are there expenses of rental warehouse ?

When choosing to rent our warehouse, you don’t have to invest yourself. In this blog, we will show warehouse expense

1. Warehouse rental fees

Of course, monthly rent is the most important expense for this type of contract. It depends on the duration, size of the warehouse / factory / storage, which people are interested in whether to consider whether the rent is appropriate or not, depending on the location, duration of the rental of other facilities.

2. Deposit / advance payment of rentals

Installment deposits to insure that the rental agreement will not damage the leased warehouse. If damaged compared to the condition before use Or the rental is not completed within the specified period Tenants will receive a full refund. The number of months depends on the negotiation. In advance is for safety reasons before entering into a lease agreement โรงงานให้เช่า โกดังเก็บของ ให้เช่า 3. Utilities expenses Electricity charge, water supply, which is the responsibility of the lessee under the lease agreement of the warehouse, the tenant must consider whether the fee is reasonable or not. 4. Warehouse rental tax There are many types of taxes relating to the rental of real estate. Or the property itself Transactions such as withholding taxes, property taxes, stamps, we need to carefully study the taxes that our company has to pay and the methods of payment. So as not to violate the process or beyond the deadline which will be subject to a fine


โกดังเก็บของ ให้เช่า

5. General fees The rent for a warehouse for rent is similar to buying a lot of services, such as security, garbage collection, to clean the environment. Usually, general fees must be paid by lessess depending on the project. Including various common fees, which the tenant must determine the appropriateness compared to what has been 6. Other expenses of rental of warehouse There are some expenses that occur while choosing a warehouse for rent, storage for rent such as decoration fees, parking fees. Which depends on the additional duties at each warehouse Which must be considered in accordance with the lease agreement


เช่า โกดัง เก็บของ

For those who are looking to change from a rented warehouse or rented warehouse to use Or are looking for a factory for rent to do business Hope that it will be useful to those who are interested in warehouses or warehouses for rent. However, do not forget to always check the expenses first. To compare the value And can make appropriate decisions If you are interested in renting a factory or warehouse in Thailand, please contact us at any time. Our property has complete functions and is located in a good location located in Chachoengsao, Thailand under the EEC Act. If you are interested in a warehouse for rent at Bang Na, Trat. Our strategic location for logistics – near Laem Chabang Port and Suvarnabhumi Airport. See more information at the link below.   www.ktthai.com/warehouse www.ktthaiproperty.com


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