EEC policy enables Chachoengsao factory permission

As many areas in Chachoengsao including Bangpakong and some districts in Chachoengsao are in accondance with Eastern Economic Corridor Act (EEC). This EEC act enables many companies to establish various types of factories.  Business people who are interested in factory for lease at Bangna-Trad frontage road, today, we will illustrate the types of factories that has permission in this area.

Warehouse for rent

1. Food

  • Non-aquarium animals
  • Milk water
  • Agriculture seeds
  • Food that has floor as main ingredients
  • Teas, Coffee, Cocoa, Chocolate, desserts
  • Ice
  • Animal food
  • Malt or Beer
  • Waterm Non-alcohol drink, sparkling water, mineral water 

2. Utensils

  • Textiles, non-asbestos fibers
  • Rope, nets
  • Reproduced wood products
  • Decoration made from wood, glass, rubber, non-material 
  • Printing, document storage, stapling, binding, cover, publication

Factory for lease

3.Commercial Sector
  • Fertilizer, pesticides
  • Lamination machine earthenware
  • Brick, Tiles, Pipes
  • Cement, lime, plaster
  • Non-metal products
  • Machine tools from steel.
  • Furniture, building interior from metal
  • Metal for construction, installation
  • Metal products
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Calculators, bookkeeping machines, etc.
  • Water pump Air compressor, gas, air blower, etc.
  • Radio receivers, televisions, voice recorders, etc.
  • Ship
  • Train Tram Electric Cable Car
  • Aircraft
  • A moving wheel powered by people, animals, but not bicycles
  • Medical scientific appliances
  • Gemstone Silver Otter Jewelery
  • Player, general tools
  • Production of electrical power
  • Supply pure water Distribute water to factory buildings
  • Packing products without production
  • Cold room
  • Repair leather shoes
  • Repair power tools
  • Motorized vehicles
  • Watches, time gauges
  • Repair other not specified
  • Laundry
  • Total waste quality adjustment
  • Production, distribution of steam
  • Sorting, refilling landfills
  • Recycle

Factory for lease

This is the significant part of those who are looking for factories for lease, warehouses for lease or office warehouses for lease in BangPakong area, Chachoengsao.

If you are interested in warehouses or factory for lease in Thailand, please feel free to contact us anytime. Our properties have complete functions, and they are in excellent locations, located in Chachoengsao, Thailand. in accordance with EEC Act. If you are interested in warehouse for rent at Bangna trad frontage road. Our Strategic location for logistics – Near Leamchabang port and Suvarnabhumi Airport. See more information at the link below.

Expenses of warehouse for rent / factory for rent / storage for rent

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