Expenses of choosing to rent factory and warehouse

To choose warehouse and factory for rent, we don’t have to invest by ourselves. In this blog, we will illustrate the expense of rental warehouse.

1. Warehouse for rent / factory for rent / storage for rental fees

Certainly, the monthly rantal fees is the most significant expenses for this type of contract. It depends on the duration, the sizes of warehouse / factory / storages.

2. Deposits / Advances 

Deposit is the installment to guarantee that the leasee will not make damage to the rental warehouse. The number of months depends on negotiation. The advance is for secure the spaces.


3. Utilities expenses

It is electricity expenses, water expenses which are the leasees’ responsibility. The leasee need to consider whether the fees is reasonable.

4. Warehouse for rent / Factory for rent / Storage for rent ‘s tax

There are various types of taxes that are necessary to pay such as VAT, withholding tax, property tax, revenue stamp. We need to thoroughly study which taxes our company need to pay and how much.


Warehouse for rent

5.Common fees

Warehouse rental, storage rental is similar to buy residential as there are many services such as security, Garbage collector to clean the surroundings. Normally, common fees need to be paid by the lessess depend on the project.

6. Other Expenses

There are some expenses occurred while choosing warehouse for rent, storage for rent such as decoration expenses, parking expenses. It depends on additional functions that each leasee require.


โกดังให้เช่า บางนา

For people who want to change from rent warehouse or rent storage or rent factory for your business, we hope that this will benefit warehouse or rent  factory for rent. Before making decision, entrepreneurs need to check all expenses to compare costs and benefits.

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Expenses of warehouse for rent / factory for rent / storage for rent

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