Effective Ways to Prevent Factory and Warehouse Fires

How to prevent fires in warehouse ?

Methods of Prevention fire in warehouse is what we should know.  

1. Exit signal in conspicuous location   

2. Contingently check everything that are causes of fires 

Please make sure that all things related to fire include smoke and fire detectors, fire alarm. By checking that these equipments such as smoke and fire detectors still work as normal, there should be a loud alarm or open fire fighting equipment that is available at the factory for rent, Warehouse for rent, storage for rent immediately. The fire alarm, when pressed, must make a loud alarm to alert employees throughout the building. In addition, there should also be a sprinkler system that automatically extinguishes all areas. To control the fire, we should not forget to rehearse the fire at least 1-2 times a year as well 

วิธีป้องกันอัคคีภัย ในโรงงาน โกดัง คลังสินค้า fires


3. Staff training to prevent fire

The aflame extinguisher is not meant to be used at all. We should gradually learn step by step. create correct understanding for all employees working in rental factories, Warehouse for rent, which is considered the most important aflame prevention to be able to use and be safe when it’s necessary. Do not allow smokers to be near flammable objects as well. Pumping areas should be arranged specifically and must be outside the factory, warehouse, including areas that do not cause fire spread.


4. Allocate areas 

We need to store raw materials, categorize products to prevent clutter Blocking the door or walkway while fleeing the fires Including obstructing aflame extinguishers for easy picking and use. We should not forget to keep all chemicals in the fireproof cabinet and then close it tightly. Finally, we should check the electrical wires to avoid damaged or very old and need to repair to prevent short circuits and if the cord hangs together. 

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Expenses of warehouse for rent / factory for rent / storage for rent

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Types of factories can be permitted in Chachoengsao, EEC Thailand

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